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Fadal CNC machines typically come equipped with ball screws manufactured by NSK, Steinmeyer, or Twentieth Century Machine.  At Superior Ball Screw, we specialize in reconditioning ball screws from Fadal CNC machining centers. Why pay thousands for a new OEM Ball screw?  Send us your worn or damaged Fadal ball screw and take advantage of our full reconditioning service.  Upon delivery it will look and perform as well as new or better for less than half the price.


Ball Return Styles Used:

Some Fadal ball nuts use external tube style ball return systems which are easily identified.  Other assemblies have the internal type return designs which use inserts or pins to redirect the balls inside the re-circulating ball nut.  These returns are repaired or replaced as part of our rebuild process.


Internal Cooling System:

A unique feature on some Fadal ball screws is that they are designed to have coolant running through the center of the screw.  Often the coolant journal near the drive end where coolant enters and exits the screw is badly worn from the seals rubbing against its surface.  This journal is also repaired as part of our reconditioning process.

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Fadal Ball Screw Part Numbers:


BLS 0000R   BLS0000R  

BLS 0001R   BLS0001R

BLS 0004R   BLS0004R

BLS 0006R   BLS0006R

BLS 0008R   BLS0008R

BLS 0016R   BLS0016R

BLS 0018R   BLS0018R




BLS 0019R   BLS0019R

BLS 0021R   BLS0021R

BLS 0024R   BLS0024R

BLS 0026R   BLS0026R

BLS 0029R   BLS0029R

BLS 0031R   BLS0031R

BLS 0033R   BLS0033R




BLS 0034R   BLS0034R

BLS 0037R   BLS0037R

BLS 0081R   BLS0081R

BLS 0125R   BLS0125R

BLS 0137R   BLS0137R

BLS 0138R   BLS0138R

BLS 0186R   BLS0186R

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