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Superior Ball Screw Repair

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Ball Screw Repair
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Ball Screw Repair LLC


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Welcome to Superior Ball Screw Repair. We have built our company’s reputation around quality and integrity. Our focus is to provide our customers with top quality rebuilt ball screws, excellent customer service, along with the fastest possible turn around time. Choosing between rebuilding or replacing your ball screw can often be a difficult decision for you to make. Sometimes a new ball screw is the right choice depending on price and availability, but usually it is wiser to have it reconditioned, saving you money and down time. Why wait weeks or months for a new OEM ball screw assembly?  Send us your worn or damaged ball screw and have your machine operational again within days. Email or call us toll free at 1-800-594-3404 for an estimate and we will be glad to answer any questions.


We Specialize in Rebuilding Ball Screws. When you receive your rebuilt ball screw assembly from Superior Ball Screw Repair Company, it will look and perform as well as or better than a new one. We do the job right, which is why we are able to offer our customers rebuilt ball screws with a 1 year warranty. We have developed a unique and successful repair process that sets us apart from our competition. Specializing allows us to offer our customers the best value and unbeatable turn around time. Choose from our Standard 5 Day Service, our Expedited 2 Day Service, or our Re-Ball Only Service.

Free evaluation - No obligation
We rebuild all types & sizes



We Rebuild All Brands and Sizes. We repair inch & metric ball screws from any type of machine in almost any diameter. From miniature ball screws less than 2 inches long to very large 30 feet or more, no job is too big or too small for Superior Ball Screw. From high precision grinding machines to CNC routers, we rebuild them all.


Evaluating Your Ball Screw. The same day we receive your ball screw, we will perform an initial inspection to determine if it is rebuildable and how much it will cost.  There is no charge for our evaluation.  At this time we will contact you and give you a guaranteed price for rebuilding your assembly and the actual date that your rebuilt screw will be shipped.  No further work will be performed until we get your go ahead.


We give our customers a guaranteed price and ship date up front



How Much Does a Rebuilt Ball Screw Cost? There are thousands of different types and sizes of ball screws so pricing varies. We can estimate your cost if you provide us with some general information about your ball screw assembly. An estimate of the ball screw’s length and major diameter, the type, make, & model of machine it is in, and the type and make of the ball screw is all helpful information we can use to determine an estimated cost. Typically, you will save 50% or more with a rebuilt ball screw compared to the cost of a new one. Call us for an estimate or send us your ball screw and we will evaluate it for free and give you a guaranteed price up front.


Rebuilding Process. Each ball screw assembly we recondition goes through our step by step rebuilding process. Of course, all ball screws are not alike. Each screw receives special attention where it is needed most. Some ball screws require certain parts replaced rather than reconditioned. Often we must custom make parts for ball screws when replacement parts are not available.


—Inspection: Check the ball screw and ball nut for wear and damage (brinelling and corrosion) on the thread radius. Check the ball screw for straightness. Inspect the ball return system for wear and damage. Check the ball screw for damage on the keyways, bearing journals, and bearing nut threads.
—Repairs: Make any repairs necessary to the ball screw, ball nut, returns, bearing journals and any other worn or damaged parts. Make or replace any parts damaged beyond repair.
—Regrinding and Lapping: Regrind (if necessary) and lap the thread radius of the ball screw and ball nut.


—Cleaning and Refinishing: Clean and refinish all parts to like new condition.
—Assembly: Assemble the ball nut and ball screw to the correct preload using custom sized high quality grade 10 chrome steel balls. Spacers are ground for precision fit. Install wipers (seals) and apply lubrication.
—Testing and Final Inspection: The ball screw is put through a series of tests and then final inspection to ensure quality, precision, and durability.




Proudly Serving Customers in the US, Mexico, Canada, and South America.


Atlanta Georgia
Baltimore Maryland
Birmingham Alabama
Boston Massachusetts
Charlotte North Carolina
Chicago Illinois
Cincinnati Ohio
Cleveland Ohio
Dallas Texas
Denver Colorado
Detroit Michigan
Houston Texas
Indianapolis Indiana
Jacksonville Florida
Kansas City Missouri
Los Angeles California
Louisville Kentucky
Memphis Tennessee
Miami Florida
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Minneapolis Minnesota
Nashville Tennessee
New York New York
Orlando Florida
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Phoenix Arizona
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Raleigh North Carolina
Richmond Virginia
San Diego California
Seattle Washington
St Louis Missouri
Tampa Florida
Toronto Canada
Vancouver Canada
Washington DC

We Rebuild Ball Screws Made By The Following Ball Screw Manufacturers and Others:


20th Century Machine Co (SKF) (MI, USA)  -  20th Century Machine SKF/TCM

ABBA Linear Tech Co Ltd (SKF) (Taiwan)  -  SKF/ABBA

Barnes Industries Inc (MI, USA)  -  Barnes

Bosch Rexroth (IL, USA) (Germany)  -  Rexroth

Danaher Motion  -  Danaher

Eichenberger Gewinde AG (Switzerland)  -  Eichenberger Gewinde

Emcor Incorporated (MI, USA)  -  Emcor

GTEN Ball Screw Technology Co Ltd (Taiwan)  -  GTEN

Hanyin Seiko Enterprise Co Ltd (Taiwan)  -  HSK

HIWIN Corporation (Germany) (Taiwan)  -  HIWIN

Isel Germany AG (Germany)  -  Isel

Jena Tech Inc (Kuroda) (UK, USA, Germany)  -  Kuroda Jena Tec

KSS Co Ltd (Japan)  -  KSS (miniature ball screws)

Korta S.A. (Spain)  -  Korta Group

Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. (Japan)  -  Koyo

Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd (Japan)  -  Kuroda

Dynatect Lead Screws International (MI, USA)  -  LSI Lead Screws International

Lishui Best Bearing Co, Ltd (China)  -  Lishui

Moog Inc (USA)  -  Moog  -  moog.com

Nachi Fujikoshi Corp. (Japan)  -  Nachi  -  www.nachi.com

Nidec Tosok Corporation (Japan)  -  Tosok  -  nidec-tosok.co.jp

Nook Industries Inc (OH, USA)  -  Nook

NSK Corporation (Japan)  -  NSK ball screw repair

NTN Corporation (Japan)  -  NTN

PGM Ballscrews Ltd (UK)  -  PGM

PMI Group (Taiwan)  -  PMI

Rexroth Bosch Group (IL, USA) (Germany)  -  Rexroth

Rockford Ball Screw (IL, USA)  -  Rockford

Roton Products Inc (MO, USA)  -  Roton

Scaravella (Italy)  -  Scaravella

Schneeberger (Germany)  -  Schneeberger


SKF (Sweden)  -  SKF ball screws

Specialty Motions Inc (CA, USA)  -  SMI

Star (Germany) -  Star ball screw

Steinmeyer (Germany)  -  Steinmeyer

Taiwan Ball Screw Industrial Co Ltd (Taiwan)  -  TBI

Techno Inc (NY, USA)  -  Techno Isel

THK (Japan)  -  THK ball screw company

Thomson BSA (Danaher Motion) -  Thomson Industries

Thomson Saginaw (Danaher Motion)  -  Thomson Linear

Thread-Craft Inc (MI, USA)  -  Thread Craft

Twentieth Century Machine (SKF) (MI, USA)  - Twentieth Century Machine SKF/TCM

Tsubaki Nakashima Co Ltd (Japan)  -  Tsubaki

Umbra Cuscinetti Inc (WA, USA)  -  Umbra

Umbra Group (Germany) (Italy)  -  UCS

Wedin International Inc (MI, USA)  -  Wedin

ZNT Automatic Technology Co Ltd (China)  -  ZNT




We Repair Ball Screws From The Following Machine Tool Manufacturers and Many More:


Bridgeport (Hardinge Inc) (NY, USA) Bridgeport Ball Screw Repair  -  hardinge.com

Cincinnati Milacron (Cincinnati, OH, USA)  -  Cincinnati Milacron  -  milacron.com

Daewoo Group (Korea)  -  Daewoo  -  daewoo.com

Haas Automation (Oxnard, CA, USA) Haas Ball Screw Repair  -  haascnc.com

Hardinge Inc (Elmira, NY, USA)  -  Hardinge  -  hardinge.com

Hitachi Seiki Co Ltd (Japan) Hitachi Seiki Ball Screw Repair  -  hitachi.com

Hyundai (Korea)  -  Hyundai  -  hyundai.com

Komo Machine Inc (Lakewood, NJ, USA)  -  Komo  -  komo.com

Leblond Ltd (Amelia, OH, USA)  -  Leblond  -  leblondusa.com

LVD Company (Belgium)  -  Strippit  -  lvdgroup.com

MAG Cincinnati (USA)  -  Cincinnati  -  mag-ias.com

MAG Fadal (USA) Fadal Ball Screw Repair  -  mag-ais.com

Makino (Japan)  -  Makino  -  makino.com

Mitsubishi (Japan)  -  Mitsubishi  -  mhimmt.com

Miyano (Japan)  -  Miyano  -  miyano-usa.com

Mori Seiki Co Ltd (Japan) Mori Seiki Ball Screw Repair -  moriseiki.com

Okuma Corporation (Japan)  -  Okuma  -  okuma.com

Toshiba Machine Co Ltd (Japan)  -  Toshiba  -  toshiba-machine.com

Toyoda Machine Works Ltd (Japan)  -  Toyoda  -  toyodausa.com

Warner and Swasey (USA)  -  Warner and Swasey

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation (Japan) Mazak Ball Screw Repair -  mazak.com



We Recondition Ball Screws For:


· Boring Mill

· CNC Chucker

· CNC Grinder

· CNC Laser

· CNC Lathe

· CNC Machining Center

· CNC Milling Machine

· CNC Plasma Cutter

· CNC Punch Press

· CNC Router

· CNC Screw Machine

· CNC Turning Center


· Hone

· HMC Horizontal Machining Center

· Injection Molding Machine

· Jig Borer

· Lapper

· VMC Vertical Machining Center

Serving the Following Industries:


· Aerospace

· Automotive

· CNC Machine Repair

· Defense

· Education

· Energy

· Industrial

· Machine Tool

· Manufacturing

· Medical

· Military

· Plastics

· Production

· Scientific

· Service